We offer a variety of lighting options to transform your selected venue from ordinary to extraordinary. Incorporate your wedding colors, create a custom monogram, or create a atmosphere perfect for dancing the night away! Lighting can add the personalized touch to make your wedding night pop.

Uplighting is the most popular lighting addition. Wash the room in a multitude of colors to match your wedding colors. We can incorporate different colors for key aspects of the night, from static colors to fully customized light shows to get the crowd up, engaged, and dancing. 

Dance Floor Lighting adds atmosphere to your wedding and can really make a difference once the lights dim and the dance floor opens. Used in conjunction with uplighting or on it’s own, adding dance floor lighting adds another aspect to the night.

Customized Gobo Projections add a personalized touch. We create a one of a kind projection, usually incorporating your names, initials, or wedding date to be a focus of the crowd and make the night all about you!

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