Uplighting Part I

So you are planning a wedding or event and you’ve heard about uplighting, but what is it? Uplighting can be a number of different things, but I like to refer to it as accent lighting. When done correctly, uplighting can add an extra “wow factor” to a venue or ballroom. There are two main types of uplighting; wash lighting and uplighting. Wash lighting refers to washing the whole wall with color, whereas uplighting can be used as accent lighting to highlight certain features in a room. Think of wash lighting as coloring a whole wall and uplighting as columns of light on that wall.

Our preferred method is uplighting and I’ll explain why. We like to use uplighting as a way to highlight certain features of a room or liven up a plain white wall. We want to use uplights to draw attention to something, whether it is the bride and groom at the head table or beautiful columns at a venue. Now thats not to say wash lighting doesn’t have a place and in some instances we will use that instead of or along with uplighting.

Unfortunately, not all uplighting is created equal. There are so many lighting fixtures on the market today that produce a wide range of different effects. The most common problem we see with more inexpensive fixtures is their inability to create the correct desired color and that they tend to have a halo effect on the wall. I don’t want to bore you with the tech details, but this is due to the design of the fixture and the way it creates specific colors.

We use some of the most advanced fixtures that allow us to create millions of colors, leave no halo effect, and will not flicker in your wedding videos. Our uplights are also completely wireless. Not only do they not need to be plugged in but we also have full control of these fixtures wirelessly. That means we can set lighting cues for different times throughout the night. We can have certain colors for cocktail hour, different colors for dinner, and for the more high energy times lighting chases, strobing, precreated scenes and so much more.

So when you think of uplighting, don’t just think of one color, think of the endless possibilities we can create. Make sure you are getting the full benefit of the service you choose and don’t settle for just one or two colors when the possibilities are almost endless. In our next blog we will discuss some things to look for when your venue provides their own uplighting.

We are more than happy to answer any lighting questions you may have. Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.

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