I have a photographer, so why do I need a photo booth?

So you’re planning a wedding and the costs are starting to add up. You have your budget set and it’s beginning to seem unrealistic to fit one more thing into your wedding day. A lot of times, the first thing you think of doing is cutting costs by going with less expensive vendors or eliminating certain aspects of your wedding that you may really want.

I would like to focus on a question we get very often: “I have a photographer, so why should I have a photo booth too?”

When I get that question, the first thing that comes to mind is apples vs. oranges. These are two completely different services. Sure, they both take pictures, but that is where the similarities end.

The easiest way to differentiate a photographer vs. a photo booth is with who will be enjoying the service. The photographer is taking pictures mainly for the bride/groom and wedding party. Obviously, they will share these photos with their friends and family, but the couple will enjoy these images forever. A photo booth is designed for wedding day fun, not only for the bride/groom, but also for the guests of your wedding. Think of your photo booth pictures as fun and silly keepsakes for your guests and yourself. Now think of your wedding photos as beautiful and elegant memories. See the difference?

A wedding photographer will spend countless hours after your event touching up your photos, putting together your wedding album, etc. Most of our photo booth preparation comes prior to your wedding. We create your photo strip, customize your colors, text, and work with your venue and coordinator to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding day. Our service is instant gratification. Photo strips are in you and your guests hands in seconds.

Now, do you need both a photographer and a photo booth? No, it is your wedding day after all. You should have what you want. Just don’t think that a photographer will be able to do the same thing a photo booth can do or vice versa. So remember, apples vs. oranges.

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