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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

There are many reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding reception. Some may seem obvious, while others may be something you would never think of. So here is a list of our top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding.

  1. Everyone Gets Involved: Young or old, everyone enjoys a photo booth. Whether they love dancing all night, chatting with old friends and distant relatives, or prefer to observe from a distance, every guest will love the photo booth. Although everyone can enjoy the photo booth, I want to focus on the guests that may not be the type to dance all night. Every wedding has these guests. They could be older groups of people that prefer not to dance or the shy guests that don’t want to be seen dancing. These are the guests that can really benefit from a photo booth. They can have fun behind the curtains of our photo booths. Photo booths will help them enjoy the evening, just as much as the guests who rocked the dance floor all night!
  2. Get the Fun Started: Sometimes it is tough to break the ice. A photo booth is a great way for guests to get in the party mood, all from the privacy of our photo booth. That first hour after the cocktail hour, dinner, dances, toasts, and any other formalities can be an interesting time. People haven’t quite let loose on the dance floor and some guests may still be finishing up eating. A photo booth thrives during this hour. Groups of your guests can come and enjoy the photo booth, while they wait for the dancing to really get going.
  3. Fun Family/Friend Photos: Photo booths create fun photos. Instead of all your photos being perfectly crafted by a photographer, we capture your guests having fun and letting loose. Those perfectly crafted photos definitely have their place and are a necessity at your wedding, but a photo booth captures the other side of you and your guests. Photo props and signs create fun photos and inspire silly faces.
  4. Keepsakes and Favors: Your guests will leave with a favor; your names and wedding date on each photo strip, a constant reminder of how awesome your wedding was. Want a keepsake for you? Our scrapbook option is a perfect memory, with all of your photos in one place.
  5. Let Loose and Get Goofy: Weddings can be somewhat serious; after all it’s a special day. A photo booth will allow you and your guests let loose and have a little goofy fun.

These are our top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding. There are many other reasons that we didn’t include on this post. Want to learn more about our photo booth options, pricing or any other details. Start at our package and pricing page or just contact us directly. We’re here to help you make your wedding perfect.

Thank You for a Wonderful 2015!

Let’s talk about this past year. All I can say is thank you. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients. You are the reason we had our most successful year ever! Thank you to our returning clients for continuing to show your support and thank you to all of our new clients who trusted us to help make each and every event memorable. Although there are too many clients to thank, from the bottom of my heart I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

To all of our wedding clients, we hope you enjoy your first holiday and new year as married couples. Enjoy the time with your new extended families, you deserve it.

To all of our school clients, enjoy the holiday break. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2016. To our corporate clients, whose holiday parties are in full swing, we are looking forward to finishing out our year with you. To everyone else who we had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you and of course our wonderful vendors.

We have the pleasure of ringing in the new year with our one last wedding. We are looking forward to ending one year and starting the next year at an event.

To put your contributions in numbers, we saw over a 220% increase in events this year compared to 2014. That is all because of you. We set some lofty goals at the beginning of this year, and we surpassed every single one. We have set new goals for next year and they are just as ambitious. Your continued support is key to our success, so we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in 2016 and always welcome your referrals.

Have a wonderful end to 2015 and happy new year!

2016 2


Uplighting Part II

I want to continue on the same topic from my last blog. In my last post we discussed uplighting. If you have not read that blog, you can read it here. Today I would like to discuss a few things to understand when a venue is providing their own uplighting.

As discussed in my last blog, all uplighting is not created equally. Make sure your venue provided uplighting is going to give you the effect you want it to. A lot of venues will only offer a few colors to choose from or only give you the option of one color for the whole evening. Now if this is what you are looking for, venue provided uplighting might be the perfect option for you. If you want a more custom experience, here are some questions to ask:

  1. Can I have different colors for the different special events throughout the night. For example, can the lights be one color for dinner, a different color or set of colors for the grand entrance, and maybe some more elaborate programs once the dance floor opens? We like to include uplighting as part of the light show so make sure they can do that for you as well and not just a simple one or two colors all night.
  2. Do they use LED fixtures? LED fixtures are great for many reasons. They are easy to use, the higher end fixtures give you thousands of color options, but most importantly they are cool to the touch. This reduces the risk of injury or worse, fire. We use all LED lighting because safety is priority number one.
  3. Will a lighting tech be on site for the whole event? I say a lighting tech because most fixtures are more complex than just plugging them in. Does the venue have a lighting tech on site all night to set up the lights, control the lights, and ensure that everything is working properly.
  4. What are they really offering you? Is what they are offering you really uplighting or are they simply accenting a few of their venue features. Some venues will sell uplighting in the package, but are really only providing a few fixtures to highlight their venue. These fixtures stay on the color they choose and cannot be altered in any way. If this is the case, we suggest you bring in an outside vendor to provide uplighting.

These are only a few questions to ask to make sure you get the experience you want at your event. Figure out what your perfect day looks like and make sure you find the right group of vendors to provide this for you. As long as you ask the right questions, you will get your dream wedding. If you have any questions about uplighting or services we can provide, please get in touch.

Create A Lasting Memory

Uplighting Part I

So you are planning a wedding or event and you’ve heard about uplighting, but what is it? Uplighting can be a number of different things, but I like to refer to it as accent lighting. When done correctly, uplighting can add an extra “wow factor” to a venue or ballroom. There are two main types of uplighting; wash lighting and uplighting. Wash lighting refers to washing the whole wall with color, whereas uplighting can be used as accent lighting to highlight certain features in a room. Think of wash lighting as coloring a whole wall and uplighting as columns of light on that wall.

Our preferred method is uplighting and I’ll explain why. We like to use uplighting as a way to highlight certain features of a room or liven up a plain white wall. We want to use uplights to draw attention to something, whether it is the bride and groom at the head table or beautiful columns at a venue. Now thats not to say wash lighting doesn’t have a place and in some instances we will use that instead of or along with uplighting.

Unfortunately, not all uplighting is created equal. There are so many lighting fixtures on the market today that produce a wide range of different effects. The most common problem we see with more inexpensive fixtures is their inability to create the correct desired color and that they tend to have a halo effect on the wall. I don’t want to bore you with the tech details, but this is due to the design of the fixture and the way it creates specific colors.

We use some of the most advanced fixtures that allow us to create millions of colors, leave no halo effect, and will not flicker in your wedding videos. Our uplights are also completely wireless. Not only do they not need to be plugged in but we also have full control of these fixtures wirelessly. That means we can set lighting cues for different times throughout the night. We can have certain colors for cocktail hour, different colors for dinner, and for the more high energy times lighting chases, strobing, precreated scenes and so much more.

So when you think of uplighting, don’t just think of one color, think of the endless possibilities we can create. Make sure you are getting the full benefit of the service you choose and don’t settle for just one or two colors when the possibilities are almost endless. In our next blog we will discuss some things to look for when your venue provides their own uplighting.

We are more than happy to answer any lighting questions you may have. Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.

Create A Lasting Memory

Labor Day Weekend Recap

It was a busy Labor Day Weekend with three weddings. Although it was a very busy weekend, it was a lot of fun working with three different couples and creating memories for them and their family and friends.

On Friday, we celebrated with Marissa & Charles at the Quidnesset Country Club in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Overlooking Narragansett Bay, the view was phenomenal! A perfect backdrop for a gorgeous Labor Day Weekend wedding. It was a pleasure working with Marissa & Charles and their guests.

Saturday, we traveled to the Marriott in Cambridge for Mary & Khanh’s celebration. Mary & Khanh are a great couple and truly enjoy life and their time together. Their family and friends came to party and really enjoyed our photo booth. We were busy the whole night and we couldn’t be happier for Mary & Khanh. Congratulations on your marriage!

Our final Labor Day Weekend wedding was in Sharon, MA at the Spring Valley Country Club. The country club set up a beautiful venue overlooking the golf course. A beautiful outdoor patio was our view for the evening. As the sun went down, a few fires were lit on the patio for the guests to enjoy. Connie & Alex were a wonderful couple that were so appreciative of everything throughout the night. We were once again busy the whole evening and the dance floor was jam packed with this high energy couple. Their friends & family didn’t stop all night. What a great finale to a busy Labor Day Weekend!

Thank you to all of our couples, their family and friends, and the wonderful venues and vendors who made this weekend possible. From all of us at Spike Entertainment, we wish Marissa & Charles, Mary & Khanh, and Connie & Alex a lifetime of happiness!

Check out our New Photo Booth

We have big news to share! We have added a new photo booth to our lineup. Our new booth will offer a sleeker, more elegant design and many new features. Soon, we will be rolling out more detailed information about how we are going to better serve our customers and offer many new options to make each event more unique and exciting. For now, I will just give a brief overview of some of these new features.

  1. Image 7Design: Our new booth offers a much sleeker design and a smaller footprint. This means our photo booth with blend in
    to more events and look the part. It can now also fit in a much smaller area, perfect for venues with limited space.
  2. Higher Quality Images: We have upgraded our camera, software, and printer to offer higher quality images and prints. Although, this may not be noticeable on a small photo strip, if you want us to print larger versions of these images, we are better prepared to do so.
  3. Black or White: We now offer black or white backdrops for your images. This allows us to match the backdrop color to your photo strips. Certain photo strips will look better with a lighter backdrop, while others look best with a darker backdrop.
  4. Open Style: In addition to our standard, curtain enclosed photo booth, we are now offering open style “photo booths”. Instead of a small area for your guests, we can supply a colored backdrop allowing more space for guests. Now 10+ guests can fit in a photo instead of 4-6.
  5. More customizable: With our new photo booth, your evening is even more customizable. Our most notable is the ability to match the photo booth screen to your event colors, date, names, corporate logos, etc.

Stay tuned for more information. We plan on rolling out new and improved packages and more information on our new photo booth in the near future. If you have any questions about our new booth and how we can better serve your event, please give us a call or send a quick e-mail. We would be more than happy to work with you on your next event!

August 8, 2015 Wedding

Image 1Last weekend, we had the pleasure of working with an amazing couple. Eric and Eileen, along with their family and friends, were full of energy and we were able to create an incredible evening for them. Their wedding date was set for August 8, 2015 at The Log Cabin Upper Vista. The weather was perfect, the view was gorgeous, and the wedding was remarkable.

The Log Cabin Upper Vista was easy to work with and I cannot thank them enough for helping make the evening run smoothly. We also had the pleasure of working with Snap Shots Unlimited Photography. They were also amazing and I cannot say enough good things about them. Thanks for helping make the night perfect for Eric and Eileen.

We provided a simple setup, both for the ceremony and reception. There ceremony was help outside overlooking a beautiful view of the valley. The reception took place just a few feet away inside a semi-permanent tent. A perfect summer wedding site.

The energy on the dance floor started immediately following dinner and did not stop until the last song, Any Way You Want It by Journey was the couple’s choice for their last song. Thank you Eric and Eileen for letting us be a part of your special day!

I have a photographer, so why do I need a photo booth?

So you’re planning a wedding and the costs are starting to add up. You have your budget set and it’s beginning to seem unrealistic to fit one more thing into your wedding day. A lot of times, the first thing you think of doing is cutting costs by going with less expensive vendors or eliminating certain aspects of your wedding that you may really want.

I would like to focus on a question we get very often: “I have a photographer, so why should I have a photo booth too?”

When I get that question, the first thing that comes to mind is apples vs. oranges. These are two completely different services. Sure, they both take pictures, but that is where the similarities end.

The easiest way to differentiate a photographer vs. a photo booth is with who will be enjoying the service. The photographer is taking pictures mainly for the bride/groom and wedding party. Obviously, they will share these photos with their friends and family, but the couple will enjoy these images forever. A photo booth is designed for wedding day fun, not only for the bride/groom, but also for the guests of your wedding. Think of your photo booth pictures as fun and silly keepsakes for your guests and yourself. Now think of your wedding photos as beautiful and elegant memories. See the difference?

A wedding photographer will spend countless hours after your event touching up your photos, putting together your wedding album, etc. Most of our photo booth preparation comes prior to your wedding. We create your photo strip, customize your colors, text, and work with your venue and coordinator to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding day. Our service is instant gratification. Photo strips are in you and your guests hands in seconds.

Now, do you need both a photographer and a photo booth? No, it is your wedding day after all. You should have what you want. Just don’t think that a photographer will be able to do the same thing a photo booth can do or vice versa. So remember, apples vs. oranges.

The Red Carpet Package

Arrive in style with our Red Carpet Package. One of the most unique packages we offer. A different look than our curtain enclosed photo booths, this package includes a large backdrop, red carpet and stanchions so you feel like you’re a celebrity. Why choose an open style photo booth? Some people prefer the look or want something different or unique. This package also allows for more guests in each session and will have less people waiting in line and more people enjoying the photo booth.

Don’t worry, you will get all the same features as our other packages and then some. Here’s what the Red Carpet Package includes:

  • Delivery, set up and break down
  • A full time, knowledgable and fun attendant
  • Unlimited photo booth sessions for you and your guests
  • Unlimited prints, meaning every guest in the photo booth gets a photo strip
  • A custom designed photo strip
  • A large selection of fun props
  • An online web gallery with all of your event photos
  • Red carpet with crowd control stanchions
  • Backdrop color of your choice
  • Up to a 5 hour rental period

Did we mention that we can create a custom backdrop with your logos or event information. Or maybe you want to go to the extreme and use our green screen backdrop so you can have endless possibilities for your background. Contact us for more information about green screen or custom backdrops.

If you are ready to reserve your photo booth rental, please click here. Want to compare this package to our other photo booth packages? Pricing and package information can be found here. Unsure of which package to choose or just have some questions? Contact us!